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May 31, 2022

Opportunities Abound in the Metaverse Experts Say…

Winston Wilkins, lead research analyst at MC Systems, the technology company of The Jamaica National Group says investors and business persons should look for the opportunities that will emerge from the metaverse.
May 2, 2022

‘Metaverse’ Virtual Event to be hosted by JN Fund Managers on May 5

April 28, 2022
Dylan Coke, Deputy General Manager, JN Fund Managers

Look to Equities Market; Real Estate, Hospitality, Entertainment also Rich with Opportunities, says Dylan Coke

April 28, 2022
Marissa Williams, financial advisor at JN Fund Managers

Mutual Funds Are Ideal for Wealth Creation

February 7, 2022

JN Fund Managers Launches Digital Onboarding

January 28, 2022
Allan Lewis (left) , managing director, JN Mutual Funds, addressing the JN Mutual Funds Annual General Meeting, recently. At centre is Peter Morris, chairman of JN Mutual Funds and Shakira Pickersgill (partially hidden), company secretary of The Jamaica National Group.

JN Mutual Funds to Launch Two New Funds

January 28, 2022
Ainsley Whyte, head of sales and financial advice at JN Fund Managers

How Should I Invest My Lump Sum Pension Pay-out?

January 28, 2022
Allan Lewis, managing director, JN Fund Managers

JN Fund Managers Remains Bullish on Mutual Funds

September 28, 2021
Peta-Gaye Miller Walker, Assistant Vice President of Sales & Client Services at JN Fund Managers

“Educate Your Child About Investing, And Arm Them With Financial Tools,” Financial Advisor Recommends

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