Account Opening Forms

    This form authorizes JN Fund Managers to establish an account for corporate entities. DOWNLOAD

    Two completed Character Reference Forms are to be submitted by all persons opening accounts. DOWNLOAD

    For completion by persons investing in CI Mutual Funds. DOWNLOAD

    To be completed for all investments (i.e. new accounts and additions to existing accounts). DOWNLOAD

    For completion by corporate entities, such as limited liabilities, partnerships, associations, charities, churches in order to establish an account. DOWNLOAD

    To be completed by all persons, that is, non-corporate entities, who are opening an account. DOWNLOAD

    The MRRA should be completed by clients investing in the JNFM Wealth Accumulator and JNFM Tax-Free Investment Plan. DOWNLOAD

    Transaction Forms

    For holders of CI Mutual Funds who wish to request automatic rebalancing of CI accounts. DOWNLOAD

    For completion by clients who wish to encash funds from their investments. DOWNLOAD

    Transfer Form DOWNLOAD

    JN Mutual Funds

    Mutual Funds Redemption Request Form DOWNLOAD

    JN Mutual Funds Subscription Form DOWNLOAD

    All Other Forms

    Request changes to the Client Information Form submitted initially. DOWNLOAD

    JNFM Bank Reference Form DOWNLOAD

    Clients are invited to provide feedback on JNFM’s services by completing and submitting this form electronically. DOWNLOAD

    Individual Self-Certification DOWNLOAD

    For individuals and corporate entities choosing to use fax messages or emails to give instructions on their accounts. DOWNLOAD

    Share Certificate Indemnity Form. DOWNLOAD

    A declaration to be completed by all persons who purchase CI Mutual Funds. DOWNLOAD

    To be completed by individuals who are US persons. DOWNLOAD

    Risk Questionnaire DOWNLOAD

    For completion by clients applying for their TRN. DOWNLOAD