GOJ Bonds

Low-Risk Instrument for Higher Returns

These debt instruments are issued in Jamaican currency and typically have fixed interest rates. The GOJ bonds are issued by the Government of Jamaica and are created to offset its unique financing needs.

Liquidity equals opportunity! One key value of the GoJ bonds is its low risk and ability to leverage a simple, traditional investment instrument that meets liquidity criteria, while servicing short and medium term investment needs. GOJ Bonds provide a steady income stream.

GOJ and other Sovereign Global Bonds

Moderate risk

Hard Currencies for Easier Gains

These debt securities use the international market to raise foreign currencies. These are issued by the Jamaican Government, in addition to other states. The investor is allowed to earn competitive returns while hedging against devaluation of their domestic currency.

This instrument is perfect for investors who want to diversify risks while providing a steady stream of hard currency over the medium to long term.

The instrument provides substantial returns for the investor who has a moderate-risk tolerance.

Corporate Bonds

Leveraging Companies to Navigate your Risk/Reward Balance

Simply put, these bonds facilitate the process of lending money to a corporation and providing superb great returns, appropriate to the financial risk taken.

The immense value to be generated from bond markets is not lost on Corporate Jamaica. More local corporations are reaping the benefits of positioning their expertise and income stream to purchase business assets, restructure debt or invest in projects/ developments that provide considerable yields.

Corporate Bonds are rated as short, medium and long term. These bonds are classed based on the repayment date for the principal investment and are backed by stellar credit quality requirements, ensuring that the corporation has the capacity to repay or face major sanctions.

We’ll help you to upsize your portfolio and build wealth for the long haul, while ensuring you maintain a healthy risk/reward balance.

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