JN Mutual FundsDateNAV Price12 Months Growth Rate% Cal
YTD Inc.
Yield (Estimated Yearly Income)    
Global Diversified Income2022-11-25 00:00:0012.8606-0.0775-0.0909820.026262
Global Equity2022-11-25 00:00:0014.4095-0.0635-0.0827680
Global Fixed Income2022-11-25 00:00:0013.76190.04070.037250.053633
Global Money Market2022-11-25 00:00:0011.3540.03680.0333450.041068
Global US Dollar Fixed Income2022-11-25 00:00:0011.39220.01070.0044670.038752
Local Money Market2022-11-25 00:00:0012.04870.04130.0400740.067953
% Cal YTD value is the return for this calendar year ( i.e. year ended Dec 31).

Legend: E- Equity, F – Fixed Income     *Tax-free  (special conditions apply)   **Fund return is from March 5, 2018

Please be advised that effective January 1, 2018, the Net Asset Value (NAV) for the Local Money Market and Global Money Market Funds are no longer fixed, and now varies to reflect the underlying market values of the securities held in each fund.

*The NAV for each fund may move up and down. Please refer to Offering Document before investing.

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