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JN Mutual Funds

With six distinct investment portfolios, JN Mutual Funds offer a premium opportunity for you to align your personal financial strategy with your goals, your time horizon and risk preference.



Bonds tend to be less volatile and less risky than stocks, and when held to maturity can offer more stable and consistent returns.


Wealth Accumulator

Give yourself the flexibility of investing in dual currencies and maximizing gains while managing your liquidity.

money growth

Tax Free Investment Plan

Secure your investment for up to five years and get shelter from tax obligations.



Converting Risk to Reliable Income

Certificates of deposit (CDs) allow the investor to benefit from a savings certificate that matures at a fixed date and is tied to a specified, fixed interest rate.


GOJ Treasury Bills

Low risk – Liquidity at your fingertips.

Government of Jamaica (GoJ) Treasury Bills deliver liquidity, current income and safety for your investment goals.


GOJ Repos

Steady Returns on Your Investment

GoJ Repos are low-risk instruments safeguarded by GoJ regulations, giving your money an extra layer of protection while we help you build your wealth.


Local & International Equities

Take Stock of Long-Term Gains

As a long-term investor, your portfolio stands to be boosted by dividends and capital gains from investments in stocks.

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