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Low risk

Steady Returns on Your Investment

GoJ Repos are low-risk instruments safeguarded by GoJ regulations, giving your money an extra layer of protection while we help you build your wealth.

A repurchase agreement (repo for short) is a sale and repurchase agreement in government securities. The securities are sold to investors at an agreed price, then bought back at an agreed price at a set time. The difference between the sale and repurchase prices provides the effective rate of the transaction.

For the party initially selling the government instrument, the transaction is a repurchase agreement. For the initial buyer, it is a reverse-repurchase agreement.

Jamaica’s improved fiscal landscape implies low risks associated with GOJ Repos. Risk concerns were further reduced by the Securities (Retail Repurchase Agreements) Regulation, introduced by the Financial Services Commission effective December 31, 2014. Under this rule, all repos are held in trust by the Jamaica Central Securities Depository Trustee Services, thus offering a safeguard between the investor and the securities dealer.

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