You work hard for your money and your goal is to protect and grow your wealth. We help you achieve this through investment and retirement planning advice unique to your circumstances.

    You are very knowledgeable about your field, which is why you have been successful. But that success has to be secured by those who are experts in the field of managing money, and helping you with financial advice as you make big changes in life.

    You know that prudent wealth management choices involve looking beyond the investment trend of the moment. Get finely tailored solutions that embrace your long term financial goals.

    Managed Portfolios


    Wealth Accumulator

    You work hard for your money and your goal is to protect and grow your wealth.Read More »

    Tax Free Investment Plan

    Reap full benefits from your investments as you shelter your interest earnings from tax.Read More »

    JN Mutual Funds

    JN Mutual Funds offers a premium opportunity for you, the investor, to align your personal financial strategy with your goals, time horizons and risk preference.Read More »

    GOJ Treasury Bills

    Government of Jamaica Treasury Bills are financial instruments for individuals and institutions whose main investment goals are liquidity, current income, and safety.Read More »

    GOJ Bonds

    The government issues bonds to help covers its financing needs. Issued in Jamaican currency, these debt instruments are usually fixed interest.Read More »

    Corporate Bonds

    More of corporate Jamaica is coming to appreciate the value of going to bond markets, and leveraging their know-how and income stream to  buying new equipment, refinance debt, or invest in development projects.Read More »

    BOJ CD’s

    A certificate of deposit (CD) is a savings certificate with a fixed maturity date.Read More »

    Local and International Equities

    Welcome to the world of stock market investing. This is an area in which your patience, attention to detail and steady nerves can yield handsome rewards.Read More »

    CI Mutual Funds

    Tax-efficient investing s in one of Canada’s largest investment fund companies.Read More »

    GOJ Repos

    Government of Jamaica Repos provide a traditional investment method for providing steady returns to your portfolio.Read More »