As a member of the JNIRS you can select your own investment strategy.

Persons resident in Jamaica, between 18 and 64 years old, who are not currently contributing to an Approved Superannuation Fund or Retirement Scheme, who are self employed or employed to a company, are eligible.

If your position was made redundant, or you left the company where you once made pension contributions, you can transfer those contributions into the JNIRS.

The JN Individual Retirement Scheme is, an approved Plan by the Financial Services Commission (FSC), to provide pensions to its members at retirement. The plan allows you to contribute a minimum 5% and up to 20% of your annual income to the scheme and is a tax-deferred way to save for your retirement.

Your JNIRS funds are managed under the Pension Portfolio of Jamaica National Building Society, your trusted institution with a record of more than 136 years of sound investments. Your fund is invested in a diversified portfolio, which includes Government of Jamaica instruments, equities, money market securities, and foreign currency funds.

You will be able to view your account balance online and print your own statement. A retirement calculator is also available on the web page to assist you in projecting the value of your investment.