JTrader Pro

JTrader Pro is YOUR Online Equity Trading Platform, powered by the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE)! This is an intuitive platform which affords clients the ability to conduct their own trades of stocks that are traded on the JSE Platform – on their own time, at their own pace.

To get started, the process is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1

Visit the Jamaica Stock Exchange website www.jtraderpro.jamstockex.com and follow the instructions to sign up for JTrader Access using your JN Fund Managers JCSD Account Number

Step 2

If you do not currently have a signed Fax/Email Indemnity Form in place, we kindly ask that you complete same and return to us.  This form can be found on our website here.  You will also need to complete our JTrader Disclosure form also found on our website ere. Once, completed, you will then need to return both documents by email to jnfmoperations@jngroup.com or return to our offices.

Step 3

Check your email from the JSE that your account has been approved for trading.  Once approved, you may now begin to trade.

For additional information on how to do your own trading, contact your financial advisor at (876) 929-7159 or (876) 920-1132 or e-mail info@jnfunds.com.

We stand ready to assist!

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