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TAKE NOTICE that an application has been made to the Supreme Court of Judicature of Jamaica by JNFM Mutual Funds Limited,  a company duly registered under the Companies Act with registered office at 2 Belmont Road, Kingston 5 in the Parish of Saint Andrew, for Orders that JNFM Mutual Funds Limited may call and conduct its 2020 Annual General Meeting “AGM”, including facilitating attendance and/or voting at such AGM, wholly or partially by electronic means, notwithstanding the provisions of the Companies Act, the provisions of its Articles of Incorporation regarding the holding of annual general meetings and any notice of an annual meeting, information circular or other documents that may be or already have been disseminated.

The Fixed Date Claim Form, Affidavit in Support of the Fixed Date Claim Form and Formal Order dated the 15th day of June, 2021 related to and under which this Notice is issued may be accessed below.